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     Hi, my name is Stephen Rodnesky. After spending a little better than one-half of a century observing the human condition, I continue to be amazed. We seem determined to waste our God given talents on the mundane and superficial. Using the most specious reasons, we brand those we hate as all bad, and those we like as capable of no wrong. We develop convoluted rationale to justify our exploitation of others, while ignoring the consequences of these actions.

     Despite our shortcomings, we are wondrous creations capable of immense good. When  well grounded into the pulse of the universe, we can become a channel for the expression of selfless love.

     As society has become more dependent upon the mind to the exclusion of the other components of human experience, mankind has lost something precious. In many areas of our lives we defer to experts who fail to understand, much less address, the issues in an effective way. I hope to shine a light onto a few of the issues. Some might question my effort to make this  information available.

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If not me, then who?  Please understand that I don't presume to have all of the answers. What I have been able to do is uncover many facts which are ignore and, in some cases, suppressed by the mainstream media and scientific community simply because they don't jibe with the current flavor of consensus reality. In the presentation of these facts, interesting questions emerge.

   Because of the nearness of the American presidential election, my first offerings will focus on topics that I hope you will consider prior to casting your vote this November.

    Frankly, I was so shocked by what I found when investigating the economic impact of tax reform during the past two decades that I wrote a book documenting the situation.  The American dream has  been perverted. We have been manipulated into

working against our own best interests. Our natural desire to do well and provide for our family has been used as a justification for the unbridled greed of a few who desire to hoard obscene amounts of wealth merely to gratify their ego. The increasing migration of wealth to the top few puts our nation in jeopardy.

    Please stay tuned. Future postings will explore the fields of alternative medicine, scientific bias,  and man's  multidimensional nature, as well as, additional political commentary.

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